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    KALOnline - MMORPG (Free)

    Hey Guys, I've Been playing KALOnline for about 2 weeks, pretty fun mmo, its completely free right now Little About the game, its fairly new been up for about 1 Year, 3 Classes there add more lighter Archer Mage Knight ---------------- Then there are sub...
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    A Attack for gohan

    Well last week i was watching DBZ when Gohan first goes SSj2 this is when he was fighting the Cell Jr's and he used one of these attacks it was weird he spread his arms and legs out and yelled and beams of light went everwhere and hit the cell jr's. and another time when he used somekind of...
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    Hello I kinda of need a sig and avatar Something with the Cookie Monster and Elmo or The Trash Guy Cant remember his name But its got to have the cookie Monster and if you could get the SS Sign that would be cool..... and have my name Gipper and under it I LoV3 t3h Co0kies Thx and u can aslo...
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    Isnt Much but

    Heres my L33t Sig it isnt much but YAY Cookie Monster,ELmo and t3h l33t trash man dude rules lol :laff: i dont if u rate it or not EDIT CO0ki3;s RULE ALL AHAHAHAH :laff: :) :]
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    Hi Heres the Ak47 Render for my mod ODS For More Renders Credits: Model:L337Skinner Skin:L337Skinner and Casey Renders:Casey Mod leader:Gipper
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    ESF PiT SToP

    I made a Site about ESF called ESF Pit Stop :notice: i dont no if i can advertis but it does have downloads for models and what not soo........... please dont give me a warning if i cant do this thank you - Gipper Out
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    need a new sig -_-

    Hmmm Looking for a Cookie Monster Sig Or a Elmo sig But i want Cookie Monster More cuz the cookie monster pwns With Gipper On It with cool Letters like Animated or whatever u people call it now e days thats all thx
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    rate my sig

    out of 5 rate my sig the Matrix Sig
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    Todays Birthdays

    Today's Birthdays (August 12 2003) Ozzy (23), Ten (20), AndrewSS3 (20), Amodibu Han (16), Mysterious? (16), .:[Nick]:. (16), Atilla (14) Happy Birthday All :laff:
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    My Update Edits

    Hey all I little Update On my Edits I will be Releasing them soon When i get permission
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    first Model Edits

    Hi I made My First Model edits SSj4 Goku Edit Link to Picture is : SSj4 Vegeta Edit Link to Picture is : Majin SSj2 Gohan - Non SSj Model link to...
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    hey guys

    Hey Guys Sign Up for My Forum :laff:
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    New SIg i made

    i made a sig for my Self?? is it good or not good is it better then my last one OLD ONE
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    A Funny Idea

    this would be a funny idea lol ok ESF Fusion/Movie Edition ( all Fusions and Movie Chars) lol even a ESF DBGT Edition (DBGT Chars) that would be cool but No DBGT,Movies,fusion chars i no ino it would be cool.... and one last thing i hate when people say NO DBGT i no now so F*** off ok i...
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    oh something that would be cool!

    Could Like Someone Try to make a Gohan With THose Weird cloths and the Z Sword that Replaced Gohan Or Trunks it would be cool if u could like edit the sword to be the melee like he has both hands in the sword and blasts the guys down that would be sweet
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    Some ideas

    Hey All :paper: :idea: :idea: Ok In like next version of ESF we sould be able to be SSJ2,SSJ3,etc and get brolly,Perfect Cell, get trucks sword, Adult Gohan,Mystic Gohan,Majin Vegeta,do fusion like get Gotega,vegeto have cooler,last form of friza stuff like that go :idea: