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    I like it, i think its a GREAT idea!
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    which char should be added?

    Tien or androids 16-20 would be cool
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    Desperation Move

    the attacks are stronger, but have smaller blast radii. They keep it smaller so the series can actually have a plot. Instead of just blowing up the planet with ease, the villians allways prefered fighting earths special forces instead. Adding to the suspense and making the show worth watching...
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    Generic Shockwave/blast knockback attack

    It would make the gameplay more interesting if all classes/characters had the ability to release a generic spherical shockwave. (similar looking to a shockwave blast being emitted during transformation, but used as an attack) At the cost of Ki, the blast/shockwave could knockback/stun (for a...
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    about Gohan shield!!

    Discs go right through the shield :p
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    trunks sword ( i know)

    hm... make him throw the sword like a Distructo Disc? Only used Once, and to prevent Sword Spam, :talk:
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    Turbo Mode+Beams

    I was thinking.. When you hit t to go into turbo mode, it would be really sweet to see the beams expand in width. It seems somewhat bland throwing different powered blasts, yet having the same beam come out. Kind of like the Goku vs Vegeta Power Struggle in the Sayian Saga. When Goku went...
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    surviving from near death!

    senzu bean soup... hm....
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    Online ping problems

    u may want to check the line
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    Evolution of Buu

    W00t Evil buu ALL the way..... hahaha im the only one who voted for him
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    Super Buu Buu

    im not a modeler or skinner.. so my opinion doesn't really matter... thats a great model and skin... except his arms look somewhat thin.. and his hands... aren't buu's....
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    buu's cookie blast?

    i think it would take too long to turn someone into a cookie.. it would be incredibly tough to eat everyone in the game... when they have counter-attacks and all that fun stuff -basically a finish off move, eat them while their weak.. and gain power for the next fight(s)
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    Beta Reviews

    im keeping an eye on, last time i checked it.. nothing new =(
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    beta1...success? or not?

    1)The High Quality of the mod 2)The Later Versions of the Mod, which will make it Even Better 3)The Large Fan Base for DBZ who own a copy of HL/Cs = A large success The Alpha was a temporary success, and well... The alpha can't touch the beta... ROCK OUT ESF!!!!!!!
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    WOW!!! Oh and I have a few QUestions.

    Freezer? i thought only freeza was in the mod... Oh, well the more the better =D
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    dbz cartoon

    HAHAHAHA..... U can get the vhs versions unedited btw.. And it rules not having to wait for Cn to air, edited and.. slightly more lame versions of the show... kinda like the loss of quality when translated into english.... oh well.. sigh... if only i had the effort to learn foreign...
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    To do or not to do . . .

    OMG, an increase in 1 ghz would rock your nuts off. My old PC = 450mhz, 160mb ram, Ati All in wonder pro 32mb ram? New PC ( i built 2 years ago... was a beast back then) = 1.4ghz, 256mb ram, GeForce 2 Pro 64mb I almost cry when I have to play on the Older comp... cus the performance of the...
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    Goku drawing

    thanks for the comments, yeah i need to work more with the burn/sponge/etc.. tools more, yeah i didn't like the way the clothing turned out, i'll prolly redue it later when i get better with the tools. Yeah, Cowboy Bebop Rox :D
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    Goku drawing

    I was kinda bored this weekend so i drew a pretty cool pic of goku in Photoshop, i made it big enough for a wallpaper if u want to use it as one Comments Welcome, Enjoy
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    Made in America picture

    Rofl that picture on the frontpage is hilarious, "made in america, by illegal immigrants" hahahahahaha