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    Hud problem :S

    Hy. Sorry but i have a problem. I play esf 1.3 and its very nice but... If i use the new hud i cant see my crosshair and my charge bar is wierd. pls help me!!! (i use open gl and 1152*864 scrren). Here a picture:
  2. Z

    Janemba!.. again =x

    Make it with trunks because when you make a super combo, janemba use his sword and make the combo. PS: Sorry for bad english
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    Grapple time idea for ESF 1.3

    It isn't my idea but i like this. when they made grapple time, don't stay in one place. I want look some fight, so they play a little hit-block game. Like this(0:32 - 0:35): Youtube - Baby Vegeta VS Omega Shenron PS: Sorry for my bad english :fight: