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    how do i assign colors to polys in 3ds?

    how do i assign colors to polygons in 3d studio max 5?
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    how do i put a cel shaded model in esf

    i think its cell shaded at least... can put it in esf? if yes...then how?
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    Son-Goku With Tail model (wip)

    well its my second or third model but the second that made such progress! here some pics! i made a tail cause i want to make him a SS4 here links copy paste to your browser if it wont work her is goku normal state
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    Gohan Cell Saga Model! not 100% finished

    my first model! the skin is on progress so dont mind it! but...what do u guyz think of it as a first 1? if the links does not working try copy - paste on your works that way....