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    Anyone know any good pc game/mod ?

    Jedi Knight II or Jedi Academy are great for swordplay fun. It actually has a nice fighting system; timing and strategy can be a crucial element, although from what I've seen most people prefer to just select light stance and wail on mouse1.
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    PS3 Video Card Info

    I'm sorry but are you trying to say that the Gamecube's graphics are signifigantly inferior or that ATi's products are inferior? Because neither one is right. If you are referring to the fact that the Gamecube has the smallest installed base, the reasons for that have nothing to do with...
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    Prince of Persia Warrior Within (discussion & Spoilers)

    I HATE the direction they went with this one. PoP is about puzzles and some fighting, not fighting and some puzzles. Also, the angsty nu-metal is killing my soul. BEACUSE IM BREAKING THE HABIT WHILE CRAWLING IN MY SKIN CONFUSING WHAT IS REAL. Can anyone explain to me how the fighting...
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    Who exactly is Gman? (from HL1 and HL2)

    Another quick something to note; in the battle against Nihilanth at the end of Half-Life, Nilhilanth would say some pretty ominous stuff, my favorite being, "you are man, he is not man." I had no idea what that meant at the time, and I was too busy trying to stuff rockets down his braincase to...
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    Who exactly is Gman? (from HL1 and HL2)

    All the speculation that the GMan is Gordon in the future may be right. When you SPOILER come up the elevator and hear Breen talking to the slug-like Combine "benefactor", he hints that after he is teleported out of the tower to safety, he will need another body to...
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    speed hack?

    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't there a server variable to speed up advanced melee?
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    Fight Club

    How amusing...take a movie that really wasn't even about fighting in a real sense, make a fighting game out of it. What WON'T they make a game out of?
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    Video Problems

    Sounds like a filter of some sort may have gotten flipped on. Are you sure there aren't any software control panels installed? Check all the players for filters, some players make changes to the system codec, so a change on one will affect all. Re-installation of chipset drivers(I'm assuming...
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    [SPOILERS]Anime--Naruto - 107

    The fight was much more even in the manga if I remember correctly. For those of you who only watch the anime, the series is about to get very, very good.
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    best playstation 2 controller?'s Dragon Warrior Slime Controller diagrees with you. A Controller draws near! FIGHT SPELL RUN ITEM
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    Video Problems

    Details man, details... What player? What file type? Known encode method? Video card? Special video software? With what you gave us, there isn't much we can do for you that Google can't.
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    Starwars Episode 3 trailer out

    Yowza. Even though half the trailer was clips from the old movies, the new stuff they showed looks very nice. Is this a summer 2005 thing?
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    Video Games Fanboys/Fangirls (Humours Thread)

    I would just like to note that disliking Halo because of repetitive maps does NOT make you a fanboy/girl, and fanboy/girl-ism started WAY before IGN started up. Newsgroups and AOL message boards were RIFE with conflict over how much better the SNES was than the Genesis, and vice versa...
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    Greatest intro ever.....

    You gotta get to the Edge of Soul -Edge of Soul!- To carry on! -carry on!-
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    best playstation 2 controller?

    Pretty much. Also build quality is important; pretty much everything other than the Sony controller feels way too light and flimsy. In fact, the only system I would buy a third party controller for would be X-Box, and that's because that controller is frickin' ENORMOUS. It makes my hands hurt...
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    Half-Life 2 or Budokai3?

    I had to check this out to make sure the OP was serious. It turns out he was. I weep for the future.
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    GTA : San Andreas

    You're right, the topic isn't why I hate video games, yet you were the one to accuse me of hating video games. Why should I agree with you? Nothing you said, and nothing I've experienced now that I have actually played the game has changed my mind. I find it hilarious that you are saying...
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    GTA : San Andreas

    Yeah, but you also have more control over how the ball is shot, where your teammates are, etc. I think you are trying to compare Space Invaders to Ikaruga and somehow say they are the same game; same genre, COMPLETELY different gameplay. Well, let's use your example; compare the SA...
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    GTA : San Andreas

    Does any of this change the fact that the majority of the game is just imported scenarios from GTA 3 and Vice City? No. You are still just Nameless Thug, working your way up the ladder of organized crime for reasons a weak backstory barely justifies. I disliked Halo, Far Cry, Jedi Academy...