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    Melee good or bad you decide. (Official Melee Post)

    i guess you like more games where you can relax like mohaa kinda sneaky example: you hit a guy that guy is flying away then you can teleport to the right 2 times and melee that guy again and then teleport to the right or left so no one else can hit you, that's dbz dude be fast be smart :)
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    i don't really get it i never got errors while playing, it never crashed, but i got 2 bugs it could be my graphics card but i don't really think so: 1. the sound dissapears sometimes while charging or shooting a beam. 2. when i fly up in the map i don't see the map anymore it's like a...
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    Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon

    yes that's right you can do that too :D
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    Problem with lag... only this mod, plz read and help ASAP

    check your connection speed with esf or try another server
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    Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon

    i think the sbc is a little big tho and if you do beam vs beam with piccolo then piccolo already won because he can shoot a sbc and then the other guy is still pressing like hell to win the beam vs beam but piccolo isn't there anymore and he can shoot another one to him. i think that's not...
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    Melee good or bad you decide. (Official Melee Post)

    Melee is cool :) sometimes it goes to fast but that's the fun FAST :) that's what's all about with dbz the speed and about the beams they are good as well you can controle the beam so you can hit everything if you are fast :) So there are no bad things about melee and beams