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    jack in!!!!

    Protoman is like the second best fighter next to Megaman but any way those models are decent fareal but yea I think you should do Protoman
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    Can some1 Help

    Bump ...............
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    Can some1 Help

    Yea Im not gonna front I did download it off the web only cause my locl gamestore didn't have non in stock the guy said that he would be expecting some more games on thursday . And I had read an post saying you can play using WON I was just gonna play offline against bots until thursday so that...
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    Can some1 Help

    Can some1 direct me how to play ESF using WON So i can play offline as well as play online
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    ]|[ Final Request Forum v1.1 ]|[

    Hey I was wondering if some1 could make an Model for me that look like this but with the guy in the last pics hair but a little longer kinda like a minature spkey afro and a goatee like Vegetas dad With the armor on this guys wrists Thanx a Whole lot for anybody who can make this for me My...