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    Ive got a question EVM didnt show much progress and the cx2 clan quittet is this esf mod closed???
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    I heard that goku uses in the shot kaioken as SSJ Can u please tell me the episode in which he uses it??!! Thanxx Greetingzz
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    Self Destruction

    I think it wouldt be cool if somethin like self destruction would be added in the game..... like vegeta does it...... if you dont want to discuss this attack or you dont like then delete the thread thx and sorry for my bad english
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    BoTs adding

    I dont know how i can add a bot into the other team if i play CTB.... the bot always comes in that team where i am.... pls help
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    I cant eat the beans why??? Please answer and than close it....
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    some hours to go!

    i wait till it comes out...... if you do too than you can talk here!! I hope this will not be spamming.... Thanx to all who helped making ESF.......
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    im sorry.... i have forgotten the command how i can change the characters can anyone please post it????