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    Practise skinning

    I just wanted to know if somone could send me a model of trunks non super saiyan with a skin map so I could practise skinning him, my e-mail is [email protected]
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    ESF Animations..

    How would I give a model ESF animations?
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    Krillin Models

    Anyone know of a good model to replace Krillin? I've used the search, and the only one I could find was one of Tien, and one with him in armor, and I don't really like either. Anyone know of another one?
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    n00b question, please help

    How do you install skins? I know how to install models, but there isn't a skin folder. Please help!
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    Good Goku Models?

    Can anyone show me some good Goku models? I need a normal and SSJ, or SSJ2 and SSJ3, something like that, the ones I have now suck, and actually, any good models that replace Goku would be nice too. (and yes, I know there is a request thread, I don't want to post there and wait ages for...
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    Game Crashing?

    Whenever I start a game of ESF (or any other mod), the game runs very poorley for a few seconds (the screen sputters, graphics appear blurred, things like that), and then it crashes, with no warning window at all. I'm running an AMD Athalon 1.7ghz, Gforce 4 TI 4600 with 128 mb of RAM, and 512...