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    2 questions

    1: why is it that when 2 people in meele that are locked on to each other and fly directly at each other and hit, i ALWAYS loose? and 2: when you normally block a meele attack the person usually stops, but for me they just hit me then pope up behind me and hit me so its pretty much impossible...
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    THANKS!!!! you guys are GREAT!!!!!! Fully operational now :] :notice: :) :notice: :D :notice: ;D
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    Thanks man! ur a lifesaver, but now, instead of it kicking me out the game freezes and the last sound i hear repeats itself like a broken record... seems like its always something :\
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    Ive read all the messages about peoples games crashing and stuff shutting down but nothing really helped much, everyone has some message or other about what causes the problem, my game just randomly shuts down and its only with esf, i have no idea why.... ive had nuemorus mods and most of them...
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    Serious Newb!

    ( is there a manual somwhere?!?! ) Things needed to know - how to HIT! - how to do a ki attack - how to transform - and WHY THE HELL MY GAME KEEPS FREEZING AND CRASHING MY COMP!?! ;( other than that im ok ;D