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    Super Lag Problem

    OK i was playing minding my own buissness and then all out of no where i get like 2000 ping and i dont freeze...i can see all the people moving but i am stuck then anyother server after like 10 min it happens again! omg pla help me!!!!!
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    Question Bout Future

    Well i was just thinking... many people keep saying that this or that are coming in the beta 2...but well damm will it take as long as it is taking for beta 1.1 or longer that will be so annoying thanks...
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    Tester Question

    ok ok i just wanted to know jeeze
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    Tester Question

    Hello i was just read the post on the home page of and they said somting about beta testers... i was just wondering who i would ask to be a tester for maybe the next update of esf thanks
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    Beam Idea

    HEY ALL i just read a thread about an idead of when a beam hits you it does not in the show it doesnt blow. i think that instead of blowing up or pushing you if a beam hits your arm your arm looks F**ked up and like with gohan he uses one handed kame and like if you get...