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    Melee / Blasts

    if someone is firing say a Kame-hame-ha and you teleport behind them can you use melee on them ? will it like detonate the beam and knock them into the ground ? if this has been answered ( which i doubt it has :S ) then just post the link
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    ok anyone post here about your prefrences on the sounds from Freedoms dev journal..... I Personally like the english Final Flash. And for big bang i like this one better of the two there Anyone else post there thoughts
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    Happy Birthday !

    Happy Birthday to.. Zero-X !! for turning one year older I present you with.. your own complementery " Sephiroth ! " Enjoy !
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    Bid For Power

    hi If anyone knows where i can get Dbz Bid for power models Pm me please
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    Thanks For the idea [ESF]Vegetto

    hehehe it's his fault he gave me the idea :)
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    is this how fast melee will be ? p.s i dont play Dmz ( blah ) this pic was on Phl
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    Site is up !!

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    Happy Birthday

    happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday Cucumba! Cucumba Turns 26 Today !! My god is he old... :)
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    Everyone Look Here !

    HAHAH made you look hehehehe
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    Everyone Read !!

    IT'S IG'S BIRTHDAY TODAY !! And he didn't tell us... everyone singasong
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    on the main site... before it disapeared o_o it said that people donated over 100 bucks to keep the forum running and stuff well... if someone donates over $100 by themselves dont you think as an insentive it would be nice to let them be beta testers ? cuz you get money and rich folk get...
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    now one thing that i need to know :D whens the site coming back
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    Pc Joe

    I love you ! And Where can i get your Particle System of Lagginess ? i'd do this in a PM but you'd probally think it was Sexual Harassment or somethin :/
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    not that it matters...

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    How old is this :/ :/ it's says 70 percent done
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    That old version thingy

    wow i finally got around to playing that old version :D are they ever going to add a " giant ape " transformation for vegeta like it says ? blasts look crappier but are way better to control :D and instead of blowin the blasts which is cheap :/ you just stop controlling em and can still...
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    To Darktooth

    the SSj3 goku model is pretty good i guess one thing when they go ssj3 there eyebrows disappear :D
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    saw the Kamehameha video :/ rather dissapointed to see the explosion hadn't changed ;) wish you'd go back to the original HL booms ;) so.. yeah
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    Release date !

    I seem to have misplaced my pants...