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    CCI Special Attack - Forgot a function (LONG and SHORT Summary)

    SHORT SUMMARY AT THE BOTTOM!!! Yo, So I've been making my own giant ESF Pack that goes from Frieza to Super and models that I created'n'stuff. With custom characters and story line. So as I was creating one of my new custom character that has a ability basically from Naruto Shippuden...
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    ESF CCI: World Events/Effects?

    So, I am making a few characters for esf lately for my private server with friends right? Then I remembered how when I made a Broly transformation, the screen shook only for the user, but not for everyone else. Is there a possible command to make the screen shake for all players during the...
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    Coldcce's New Server for esf. That will be public and running daily. - Coming soon.

    So I've been making quite a few esf characters for my new server that I already made, and set up but I just need everything ready, and some more characters to be finished. Right now all these characters can go up to super saiyan 4. And that is the limit on saiyans and custom characters...
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    Earth Special Forces - ESF ECX RC2 - CCI Question - Transformation by Powerlevel

    I'm hoping someone knows how to do this or if its even possible to do. I've been making characters for quite a long time for esf ecx rc2, and I've been tampering with the CCI's sx.sample.core looking around my files and the internet to find a answer for this. Is it possible to go through...