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    problems with animations, can sumone help me please?

    I have recently installed ESF again onto my computer since I had to f-disk it not too long ago, and I've been having lots of problems with the animations...or so I think thats whats wrong...anyway I use open GL and only with open GL do these problems occur, whenever there are too many things on...
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    Great Job on ESF 1.1 but..

    Great Job ESF team, this game kicks ass even more now :yes: now that we can turn off the mp_plcatchup the games last a hella lot longer too :) , but I was just wonderinng one thing, are you guys gonna give Piccolo his regeneration? namek w/no regeneration silly :p
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    DBZ music videos - need a suggestion

    Hey dudes, I've been making DBZ music videos for a little while, I have about 12 done, but lately my windows movie maker (which i use to make them) has gone whack. I was just wondering if anyone could suggest to me a good program for making videos, preferably one thats free :) thnx guys and...
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    esf_orbit <--- know where?

    I heard some people talking about esf_orbit in a diffrent thread, someone mentioned the site to d/l it, but I went looking for that thread again I couldn't find it, does anyone know the site where i could get esf_orbit?:yes: thnx
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    Broke 2 Billion PL (need hlp to show you guys the pics)

    Hey dudes, I just broke 2 billion in a bot match with only one enemy, I have the pics to proove it, but I don't know how to put them on here, can sumone help me?
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    Has anyone else noticed!

    We broke the "max people currently on-line" thingy just awhile ago, Woot to us!!
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    Akimbot Waypoints

    Hey dudes, I got the Akimbot for ESF, but I was just it better to have waypoints for the esf maps?, and if it is, where can i get em?, does anyone know? by the way..I know all this akimbot stuff isn't really going to matter when the beta comes out, but just for the few days...
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    I need help finding a rom plz..

    I figured the best place to put this would be in the "off-Topic" section, but..uhh....I need to find a rom for a nintendo 64 emulator,I need the 007 Goldeneye rom i've been searching for days, and maybe i'm just an idiot but i can't find it anywhere, i need help before i smash my comp into...
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    Need Help With Akimbot for ESF..

    I got the Akimbot not too long ago for ESF, and its pretty damn fun, but I've been having some problems where everynowandthen the game will crash for no apparent reason and I need to restart my comp before being able to start up ESF again, I was wondering if any of you guys knew about this...