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    Executable error and protocol error

    ok, when I try and join a multi player game it says, Your esf executable is out of date. I treid uninstalling and re-installing and that didnt work. ALso when I try to join a game it says the the server is running on a different protocol version, or somthing like that, I dont know what to do...
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    a few Problems

    I am having trouble with spirit bomb, every time I try to use it, it crashes the game. Also with the bots, I cant seem to open my console, not even in TFC or other mods, I have never had trouble with that before. Could somone please help? Thanx
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    active x probs

    Still trying to figure that out. But I know it has to do with active X, I have windows XP, just curiouse if anyone knew anything about how to fix it, cause I know that the programs have conflicts.
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    active x probs

    Well I saw the mod, and this game looks sweet, since I am a huge fan of DBZ and i have been waiting for a long time for somone to make a good game able to live up to the name DBZ. I am haveing problems though, first, that client dll thing, i read the other post about it, but I have another...