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    LOL esf shuting down

    LIES good joke almost looked real.If esf ever did shut down that would piss me off o man.I love the game and if funamation ever did shut down esf i would right to them 20 times a day saying how much they suck .And to do it when 1.3 is going to be comeing out o man thats would suck ass.
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    Will ESF die?

    I heard all hl1 wuss shuting down and all mods with it.If hl1 games dont go to sourse they,wil be gone .Im not really sure its true but now would be a good time for esf team to, move up a step and take the game to a new level.Its would be awsome to esf keep going and makeing the mod better with...
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    Piccolo's regen

    Just asking is piccolo going to have regen ?Like regen 1 or 2 health per second .Its would be pretty cool sense piccolo gets over powerd fast.
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    DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi!

    Any one seen the new dbz game comeing out heres site to see pics I just dont like how you start ssj that might be cuzz of them playing demo version i hope .I like it were i can go ssj not start it.
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    Facial Expression ?

    Just wondering is there will be wondering in 1.3 .Like when goku gos ssj his mouth opens looking like hes yelling.Or when fireing a kamhamahmha it looks like hes saying it .You could see other players looking like there really saying some thing .Right now its like there saying stuff with out...
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    Goku cold blooded?gt

    I thank goku wuss alittle ass holeish at the end of dbgt .He didnt say good by to pan or nothing just flew of with the dragon .I mean he new he would never get to see chi chi and his famly agian isnt that alittle meen of him.All pan wanted wuss a good by huh .Why did he leave with out a good...
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    #18 looks nice

    Just want to say the new screen shot of #18 on front page is nice .Very nice model wish i could play with it now Dont even see any flaws great work.
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    fx scripting system ?

    Just asking if every one is doing this fx scripting system at one time will it lagg every one ?It looks hard to understand .I guss i should wait for more info about it but just looks so cool .And #18 looks cool hot and sexy cant wait keep up the great work!
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    Adult gohan?

    Just asking bout will gohan be adult now in 1.3.The kid is cool just geting old be cool if you put a newer look to gohan .But if not thats cool to just asking really.
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    Pic of weak on homepage.

    I just saw pic of weak of home page.Its looking great just never saw him do any thing like that in cartoon.Still it looks like its going to be tight .I guss its a burning attck huh.
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    Any clip's comeing soon?

    Just asking if there is any clip's of 1.3 comeing soon.May be a sneak peak of new transformation.Or #18 looking forword to her.
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    Power struggle?

    Just wanting to no if power struggles we be better in 1.3. It's so lame how the bigger power wins you should be able to tap a bottom real fast like in other the other dbz games.It would make game play funner fighting who wins a power stuggle .May be make it so a boost of ki go's in your beam...
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    So no TIEN ?

    So i take it theres no TIEN in 1.3 huh i thout he wuss sapose to be in 1.3 but i guss they did'nt like him i for onr thank hes pretty cool has been in dbz sense dragon ball .I wuss really hopeing to do a tri beam in esf but may be in the future i guss.I cant wait to play as 18 shes hot cool and...
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    Sounds 1.3???

    I have'nt heard much about new sounds in 1.3 .I like sounds it makes game play more fun.Just wanting to no if sounds will change like when vegeta douse a final flash he says EAT THIS - FINAL FLASH !or other stuff just asking.Hope this is'nt a dumb thread i made.
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    What is flamethrower for trunks i never seen such a thing in dbz he had burning attack is that what it is??
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    Kaioken Any Time?

    Just wanting to no if there will ever be kaioken attack in esf i mean its a awsome move,every video game has it .Plus its the second move he got pluse sb but he even went super kaioken in the fight with pikkon as ssj .It would be great EVm did it very nicely even gave him super kaioken its...
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    Any final shine sounds?

    Any one no were i can get a final shine sound it will go great with ss4 vegeta skin.
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    Just asking?

    Any one no if 1.1 models work for 1.2 trying to do something.
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    Any gt kidgoku packs?

    Any one no were i can dl a gt kid goku pack. I looks every were esf world had it at one time now its gone.
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    Piccolos Makosen ?

    Any oe no what the makosen attack is going to be in 1.3 i never heard of it in DBZ .Any one have a pic of it.