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    melee too close idea

    ok i have a minor suggestion for melee... i don't know if its possible or not b/c im no coder but newayz... me and my friend were playin and relised we couldn't melee each other when were right next to each other... well we came up wit a coo idea wut if when that happens you go in sort of a...
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    dead lag:S

    well i was play my first game of beta and when i died(which was very soon) everything just stopped and lagged for a long time. i have an intel 82810 graphics controller i run off direct x b/c my graphics card wont support open gl. my cpu is a 566mhz intel celeron processor 128mb ram and...
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    beta maps?

    how many maps will be released wit beta and wut are they? and are you keepin any of the alpha maps??? :rolleyes: :)
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    struggle question

    ok when your blockstruggling a guys beam can he detonate it in ur face? b/c that would be ghey
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    new transformations questions

    ok i wuz just wonderin when the team updates the beta even more will they have new transformations like ssj 2 or 3 or will they just keep the same ones the whole time???
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    New DBZ Budokia Game For PS2!!!

    ok i just got a trailer from gamespot for the new dbz game on ps2 it looks beautiful. if youve got gs dl manager i suggest u check it out i've watched it like 50 times over and over again. if you want to watch it then get it here
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    Transformation Question

    ok i have a question about transforming. Will krillin transform??? and if he does wut happens to him.? b/c if he does that would be really frickin tight :cool: :laff:
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    wut's wit the scouter?

    hey i was looking at the beta pics and saw that they had a scouter on the right side of the screen i was just wondering what this does and stuff like that. thnx. ;D
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    Adminmod or something else?

    I was just wondering if there would be a server admin tool like admin mod (for counter-strike)for esf.and if so will there be different scripts you can get like stats me or somdin. thnx ;D
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    need help w/ models

    i have a lot of models but none of them work i got them from the ssj script but i can't get ne to work.,.. do i have to put them in a certain spot or somdin plz help