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    Help needed in creating a new mod

    I am making a new mod which runs on the hl engine. It going to be based on transformers and i need a decent modeler, possibly more that one to make models for me. I have loads of reference pics and ordered the DvD of the film for possible movements and transforming etc. I also need a...
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    Suggestions for a major revamp

    Ideas for future development of ESF. Revert back to 1.0 - i know will take alot of work but read on. Every character must be balanced so, every character gets 2 unique moves, ie goku gets kame and sb, picollo gets sbc and maesenko. Each character should gain a move at their...
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    Idea for 1.1 distribution!

    Everyone that has ESF beta 1.1 please put it on Kazaa/e-donkey or some other file transfer system This will lighten the load of the current d/l server a few thousand heads are better than one big one
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    small suggestions, for gameplay

    should be able to walk with turbo, you cant at the moment -i like to feel big when people are down trunks should start with a power level of 650,000, he is supposed to but in reality it is 700,000
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    my idea for ki blast modification

    In the program of DBZ sometimes fighters use a ki blast sized ball which is quite big, ie the one goku used on janemba which got cut in half, i am not sure if this has been said before but i would think it would be pretty good if the right click ki blast was changed to left click (im not sure...
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    i know how!!!

    if the button over tab (the one with arrows going left and right doesnt work) go into , My Computer, then Sierra, then Esf- or something similar, then look for a file called config, open it with notepad and scrole down until you find a command "Console 0.000,000,000" Change this to "Console...