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    big pack 8.4 problem

    ok so i used winrar 32 bit to install it to steamapps/vegeta274/halflife/esf. well now whenever i try to play. it will load and stop and lock up at parsing game info but like ill hear sound. if i hit esc. gives me menu but glitches game if i hit resume... what should i do ---------- Double Post...
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    whre do i put big pack after download.

    subject. im not too good with this. i just got it working finally. lol.
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    which one do i need. half life 1 or two?

    subject. thanks. ---------- Double Post below was added at 02:21 AM has been merged with this post created 02:18 AM ---------- that and i do not know what all i have to do to be able to get this. i heard it was awesome and looks like it and plus i love dbz so you guys are like gods right now...