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    Recommend anime series

    Hi guys! Can you recommend some cool anime series to watch ?
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    [Latest PotW] Discord PotW / GotW Update Post

    I would like to see Piccolo doing that ingame :o
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    Normal full release or 2 pieces

    I want ONE WHOLE RELEASE OF 100% FULLY FUNCTIONAL ESF Final!!!! Without bungs and errors!!! Seriously. .. didn't you people saw from that 1 hour video that ESF is just not finished
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    Another live-action adaptaion - Dragon Ball Z : The Fall of Men

    Old? It came out few days ago. I really love this! It's a dream come true for me.. To see good live action Dragon ball Z Sadly Hollywood sucked hard with DBE but these guys did did an excellent job satisfying DBZ fans And the actors playing was good! I hope they make more!!!
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    Another live-action adaptaion - Dragon Ball Z : The Fall of Men There you have it! Another amazing live action DBZ adaptation made by the fans for the fans... just like Robotunderdog2 and theyr "Light of Hope" Just another proof that good DBZ live action movie IS possible! In your face... Holliwood .... was...
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    I could not hold back :D

    This is insane!!!! Please keep those!!!
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    To the people who watched the new Dragonball movies (God and Resurrection of F)

    Red aura... blue hair... blue aura... I guess that is the most important thing in Dragonball now. .. what's the colour of your hair and aura... Even the action so far in Super (the most important thing in Dragon ball) is garbage. ... boring...full with clichés and poorly drawn...
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    Not only english

    Heck no.... Being a Dbz for really long time... and still can't except Goku screaming around like a b*tch being raped... I usually prefer Japanese language to anime..but that's the main reason for DBZ being the only exception. ..
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    [Old PotW] Earth's Special Forces - Dev Journal #1 - Vegeta Throw

    That was cool and fun to watch!!! I am already a fan of this guys work Thank you for giving this to ESF fans :)
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    New Dragonballz series: Dragon Ball Super thoughts.

    Nope... sorry.. I was too distract...from Goku's HUGE EYEBALL :D :D :D And...and...and... Over here.... We are having....retardet Goku... With a THIRD EYEBROW !!
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    New Dragonballz series: Dragon Ball Super thoughts.

    Did anyone saw the 5th episode? I saw it...and my first reaction was... W....T.... FFUUUUUUU... The animation was terrible and unexeptable for animation in 2015.. :( Here is an review why that happened. . And those pictures that you are looking here...really ARE from the actual episode. ...
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    New Dragonballz series: Dragon Ball Super thoughts.

    Just saw the second episode. Not bad actually... I kind of like that for flashbacks they are using scenes from DBZ and not animatimg new ones.. : ) Also intro and ending are nice too...
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    New Dragonballz series: Dragon Ball Super thoughts.

    It's true. .. It's not that Dragon ball that it used to be... I believe that most of the fans would prefer to see the new Dragon ball with more darker character. .like it was in those two TV specials for Bardock and Trunks. Now that's the true DBZ in its prime that I would've enjoy in series...
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    Why not adding classic characters like Yamcha and Tien!?

    Like...Krillin is stronger.
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    Why not adding classic characters like Yamcha and Tien!?

    I don't have a problem. .. Just being honest. In every Dbz game you go with the basic characters....Yamcha and Tien are one of those... Not having them in your list is a flaw. Naturally they should be one of the first characters that should be planned... And already making characters like...
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    Why not adding classic characters like Yamcha and Tien!?

    So ESF team. . Why not? You want to follow the manga... So you have to add those two at least with a buddy system Ginuy force are having one... amd thoae are the worst characters in DBZ history EVER... Tien and Yamcha are classics and they are in the entire manga...and TVseries... and they...
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    I have a question regarding transformations

    Will Krillin have a buddy system too? With Tien and Yamcha .... :)
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    Little Taste of some of my Effects :D

    Wow...that is so impressive!!! The lightings The rain The spirit bomb The charging... Everything is soo detailed!!! And the soUnd effects are f*cking sweet!!! Btw.. I am curious what are you going to do with Piccolo's Hellzone granade. I hope it is not going to be like in 1.2.3... It should be...
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    [Old PotW] In the meantime last updated 5/13/15

    Nice!! Me Like!!! :rolleyes:
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    [POTW] Arabian Nights

    It's been a while since the last update. .. :/ I was just curious if there is progress behind the scenes.