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    Server login problem

    I have the same problem....
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    Can we Use........

    Can we use counter strike to play esf????
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    Cant connect to server(not like the other ones...)

    when i try to join a server it counts up to 10 seconds then says "could not connect to server" what do i do? also whenever i start a new game online it loads and the goes back to the main internet menue and says "Your hl cd-key is invalid" so i input my cd key and it does it...
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    Help Joining Games

    Thanks, but now there is a new problem it wont let me join any counts up to 10 seconds then says failed to connect to <instert game name> now what do i do?
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    Help Joining Games

    My bad i have ver
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    Help Joining Games

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    Help Joining Games

    whenever i try joining a game it says "You cannot connect to a server which is running a different protocal version" what do i do? Also i just updated my half life to 1.009 and now it says my beta1 mod is out of would be much appreciated