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    I don't get it. Odd problems here (1.3)

    Hey all, just decided to try out the open beta version today. got the latest full install, extracted it to my steam apps. It shows up on the menue and I can launch it. After this things start to become wierd, I can't select anyone but the old characters. The character selection looks the same...
  2. J

    Ok so where is thread beta 1.1???

    O.o0 I heard that there is supposed to be some sort of sticky that tell about the next updates.. Ev beta 1.1, whats going to be in it and stuff like that.. Ehm well i checked every Sticky i could find and i haven`t found it.. Could someone point me in the right direction? if not directly to the...
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    You cannot connect with an user with a diffrent protocol?

    Um heya ^_^0 new here and suppose most would call me n00b or sumthing.. Oh well go ahead if you like.. But i figured i would need to post this cus i can`t figure out whats it about O.o0 whenever i try to connect to any esf server i get that message "Can`t connect with an user with...