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    Cell Games!

    i got nothing better to do so i am in my player name is SecTi`[CiNe] email is [email protected] you can find me in the esf channel on mirc #esf almost all of the time
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    Tattoo design.. CG art*

    its cool but weird
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    melee....VERY IMPORTANT!

    guys there isnt anything wrong with the melee at all you just suck and cant stop it =/ i can stop it with beams all the time and if you cant do that just block it then click the melee button to shoot them away from you, isnt very hard.... but i guess when your 10 and your all nubs it is =/
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    Shadow ace's art gallery

    Very nice shadow better then waht i can do but i still own you at esf :P
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    Ok this is for everyone to know

    hmm well i find the mod rather fun i've been playing for 9 hours straight i think the dragon looks great your a newb if you can stop a melee with a beam because hardly any one touches me when the come at me with it, i think the melee is a great aspect of the game they did a very good job...
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    Ingame Crashing Problems

    i had the same crashing problem as you guys this is what i did to fix it downloaded directX 8.1 and switched it to open GL and it hasnt crashed since i have done this hope it works
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    i for one cant my filter/update dosnt work for esf even if i set it to esf
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    Post NEW bugs here

    im having the same problem as xiao like 3 seconds after i get into a game it just shuts off
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    hey if some one is going to make a server please post the ip here so people know where to go.
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    Ho hum 'nother art

    its cool, not bad for a quick picture
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    new sig

    was bored so i made this picture for my sig in a few minutes, only part that took long was cutting out the picture =/
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    hey, im new to these forums, but i've been playing esf alpha 2.0 for about a week now, i'd like to say great job on this so far. and i am really looking forward to the beta. -VampX-9