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    Some sounds don't work

    I downloaded a version of the beta 1.1 and installed it. But when i played it some sounds didn't play like the charging sound. First i thought it was the install that went wrong but i re-installed, downloaded another file from another server but the same problem keeps excisting. :cry:
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    ESF 1.1 on KaZaa

    Maybe it's a good idea for everyone who has ESF Beta 1.1 to share it on KaZaa too. It would add a bit of speed to the distribution.
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    any others funny things in esf

    Does anyone know anything fun to do inside ESF. I already know about genki dama volleyball but are there any other idea's.
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    kewl games inside esf

    My brother and i discovered something cool while playing esf against eachother. Playing catch with the spirit bomb. It goes like this: - Someone charges the Spirit Bomb. - That one throws the Spirit Bomb to someone else - The one who the Spirit Bomb is thrown to catches it...
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    Scouter color

    How about making it possible to change the color of the scouter. In DBZ scouters had different colors. Could it be possible in ESF to change the color of your scouter like the the Half-Life spray logo?
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    New type of game mode

    Maybe a tournament mode could be added in the game so you can enter in dbz's world martial arts tournament! You could use this map S2k_GreatTournaments see picture below. This map is on the site and was created by DJ Ready
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    Beta 1.1

    When is it comming out. I would like a estamated time pleaze?
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    Frieza Disk

    Does anyone know how you can control the Frieza Disk? Coz i've been trying and nothing seems to work.;( :cry:
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    esf Gohan

    Do you think there should be an adult gohan?
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    Gohans shield attack

    What does gohans shield do coz i can't notice any change when i use it. I can still be blow up and people just fly through the shield. :cry:
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    New Move for Trunks

    You know the attack Trunks pulled on Frieza, him firing a burning attack and then appearing behind Frieza and splitting him in half with his sword. That would be a cool attack for the game.
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    Frieza disk

    Why isn't the frieza disk as controlable as is the series.;(