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    Gohan: Kid or Adult?

    what are you talking about? saiyaman is awsome. the saiyaman modle in the ssj pack for alpha 2 looks great. it doesnt have the helmet and the cape (a good thing), and its a lot of fun to yell out "saiyaman is here!"
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    Character Hints

    i kinda find cell hard to use (after freeza), because he is so boring, he doesnt have a single original attack on him. i find myself falling asleep on my keyboard when trying to use him....
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    Gohan: Kid or Adult?

    i think older gohan just looks way cooler (saiyaman! but get rid of helmet)
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    bad losers....

    heh, changed my name from FRZN to ~FRZN~ cheep trick
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    how to set high powerlevels?

    when you spawn/respawn your pl goes a bit twords the server advrage. if that is really high (yesterday myself and another person had 150m pls untransformed), then you get a lot of power.