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    I think it's a great idea.
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    Negative ki bar

    This idea has nothing to do with shields, and yeah I don't see how this will cause more beam spammers. I think it will acually reduce the amount of beam spammers because people will be more careful using their ki's.
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    Swooping and targeting idea for melee.

    This is trully an excellent idea. I assume you don't just mean the walls, you should also be able to target the floor and ceiling.
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    Instant replay

    Great idea man. I guess he just doesn't see the beauty of replays. Yes a lot of sport games have replays. But a lot of fighting games have replays as well.
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    Making your attacks stronger in a ps

    :yes: Yeah the ps right now is a bit boring, this would make it a lot better.
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    Adding Chaiotzu with Tien

    Yeah why not put him in? It's pretty balanced. If you don't like Tien then don't choose him. Makes sense doesn't it. Also with this idea it can make Tien a lot different from others. Everyone in the game should be special in some way.