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    When i die i lagg plz help

    I need Help plz. When i die the game laggs for me not ne one else unless i host. I got DSL wit a windows ME. This lagg doesn't occur on tfc or dmc, were you spawn instantly. Why does this happen? Why me? It's not fair i tell you, not fair............ :S Please help or tell me that im...
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    Connection to server timeout, BUT I GOT DSL!

    yo omg this is so not fair.......... i just got this esf installed again and every time i try to connect it takes some time and then it says connection to server timeout! PLEASE HELP ME! I BEG YOU PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: i also like the new esf web page its nice :)
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    Need Good Ssj Trunks Model!!

    :cry: Can anyone make a good model of ssj trunks for me? I think the long hair is kinda..... off :p And can Goku go ssj4 in DBZ? I'm such a DBZ n00b.