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    What is lunch?

    Does anyone know what this "lunch" thing is that Funimation left out of the DBZ series. (read about it in a satire of the censorship of Funimation). Also if anyone can give me the ACTUAL site of an all Dragonball online shop which sells the comics, episodes and movies of all three series, that...
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    Is there any difference?

    Is there any difference between the generic beams like the green and the blue, or is it just for affects. And also will there be more classes to ascend to later in development (Like from imperfect cell to imperfect cell 2 to perfect cell) or is it just going to stay at two per character, and why...
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    How do you fix these problems?

    No matter what map I play, if I am standing on flat ground and I shoot any beam attack as any player it will always blow up in my face, no matter what way I'm facing. Also if I play as Trunks and the last weapon I was using was his sword and then I change characters, the new character ends up...
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    Does anyone know where I can find Dragonball /Dragonballz /Dragonball GT episodes/comics and movies on the internet?
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    Cells Ki

    Cells is way too powerful with all his weapons. He should start each round(between frags) with full ammo but when he runs out, he must drain it from the other players instead of being able to recharge