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    ESF Characters

    Buu to Brolly
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    Raditz Petition!

    i don't want any of these people added, however there is one i want added!alas, i don't beleive he has a single named attack . damit i want Brolly! he kicks more ass than anyone else ever! he freakin takes on 4 ssj's!at the same time! if they hadn't have givin their power to goku letting him(in...
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    Wheres the Senzu's thread

    ok, first off, i have figured out how to spot the senzu's, even tho they underground. in riverside, for example. if you fly all the way to the top of the map above the bridge and look down into the watter, at either end of the river, you will see these ity bitty black specs, those are senzu...