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    Optik's Sig Thread

    Ok, Ill be posting my old/new work here. So critz please :) Also keep coming back to see my new work, Im learning PhotoShop so ill be getting better as time goes by. :p heh. OLD SIGS! NEW SIGS! Check back here often to check out newer work. :)
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    OptikIllusion's Sig Thread

    Ok, Ill be posting my old work/new work here. So crits etc if you like. So sit back and check out the work of a n00b. lol :p OLD Sigs. New Sigs. More to come soon. ;)
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    Optik's Work

    Well I currently have only two sigs made, Which there the one's im using now. :) Tell me what you think, And check back soon for a few more sig's.