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    The end of the world.

    that was awesome! have somone another flash like this?
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    meele counterattack

    but there is another way... simply wait for the bot swooping to you, hold "block" and after he has attacked you with no success, hit "right mouse" to punch him. after flying away, the bots are often so stupid and use this tactic again and again... your tactic must be: wait, block his attack...
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    error cl_dlls

    but there is one problem... the link is broken! :S oh, the link destroyer has arrived and has hit the link :devgrin:
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    Cliend.dll - cant read it!

    I have the same problem; where do I get the file?
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    start off power

    In DMZ you can use in the console "sv_kibase ???" in ESF is that awful, because every character has another starting powerlevel! buu has 1,5 mio, cell 0,7 mio, for example! So you can get gohan with a starting powerlevel of 1,5 mio and 5 seconds after start transform! NO, that is garbage, it...
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    read this vegeta idea/!

    A kamikaze attack will awful! Just think... When you are loosing a fight and have less health, you make the attack and the other fighter(s) will die and you get very much powerlevel, also when you haven´t done very much!
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    Explain it clearly:cool: !
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    new buu attack

    In DBZ, buu used a powerful attack to kill the people on the earth, buu should can use this attack in ESF like in DMZ, too.
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    spirit bomb

    Play ESF in OpenGL-mode at 1024x768. I hadn´t have a problem yet.
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    The dragonballs and shenlong

    Collect all 7 dragonballs, and put them all at the same place. Use the radar to find every dragonball. when they are near to another, they´ll begin to glow. Stand near them without taking one, and look to them and press "Use", "B" or "E" by default. Now decide from one of the 3 wishes...
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    i cant add models

    The directory is C\sierra\Half-Life\esf\models\player\ by default. First your name the old files with a "bak" in front of them, then you must rename the downloaded models(the files AND the directory) to the old files, for example, when you download a new goku model, you must rename the "goku"...
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    what hertz?

    I have a very new monitor and I set it to 85 hertz and it work
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    The International love thread

    Ryoko is a great ESF player. And Nightshades sig... Its really awesome!
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    Wich country are you from?

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    Cell vs. Buu .....FIGHT OF THE MILLENUM

    Just think... If Boo´s body is destroyed, even then he can regenerate! If Cell´s head is destroyed, he is dead. => Boo will win!!!
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    Cell vs. Buu .....FIGHT OF THE MILLENUM

    boo will win, because he can stretch himself and is faster than cell.
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    Windows Version.

    XP is better than 95, 98 and 2000 in my opinion. If u dont want XP, I think u should take 98.
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    Name changing?

    Since that "cold steel" had said, that I have a "ripoff" name,I wanted to know whether you think my name is a ripoff name or not. Is "SSJ Nighthawk" ripoffed?
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    Poll: What is your favorite DBZ character?

    There are 20 views,only 3 replies, and only 2 votes! Please vote!!!
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    Poll: What is your favorite DBZ character?

    Sorry, who is Tapion??? I don´t know the names of the characters in DBGT!!!