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    i think aura should loo more like the one on the show then a bunch of triangles put together in the shape of a pyrmid i also think the SSJ aura should be more clear or transparent so u can actually see what your character is doing rather then seeing a blob of yellow light
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    Meteor Smashes

    hey are you guys gunna add in meteor smashes? like in Dragonball GT : Final Bout
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    1 player

    there should definately be a one player mode for esf that follows the whole series from raditz to Kid Buu. where u gotta collect the dragonballs, trian in time chamber, fuse, go to namek etc. and that wen u fight freeza on namek u should have a time limit to kill him after he shoots deathball...
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    Special Moves

    in one game this guy said he could do special moves and he did. he was veegta and he did something and a huge final flash came out and killed like 10 ppl. how do u do specials liek that!?
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    beleive me u dont want ESF to be fast liek in the anime. there's a game called Bid For Power which is a dbz mod for quake3 arena and its fast. its so hard to control and its less fun cuz everything goes too fast