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    What do you see in this image?

    What do you see in the picture below? Scroll down for an explanation. Apparently, research shows that most young children will not identify the intimate couple, because they do not have a prior image associated with the scenario. Instead, they will actually see nine...
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    New internet speed record "GENEVA, Switzerland (Reuters) -- Two major scientific research centres said on Wednesday they had set a new world speed record for sending data across the Internet, equivalent to transferring a full-length DVD film in...
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    Post the contents of your wallet

    So, it's late at night, and I'm frantically searching through my wallet for the money that's going to pay off Tony tomorrow, or he's going to break my legs (again). Things are not looking good thus far: A large, accreted bundle of ATM receipts Two very old bus tickets A cashflow card A...
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    Places you have travelled?

    I someday hope to retrace my global steps, and travel to all those places I once experienced habitually so long ago . . . so that I might experience them in wonder now. Faced with this list, however, I realise what a daunting task such an undertaking would be: Switzerland England Wales...
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    The Matrix Reloaded: Abridged Script

    This is pretty funny link Check out some the others as well; the 8-mile one is a laugh.
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    Who were you in your past life?

    link to silliness Diagnosis: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I do not know how you feel about it, but you were male in your last earthly incarnation. You were born somewhere around territory of modern Ireland approximately on 925. Your...
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    What are your favourite Black and White Movies?

    My top 5: 1. Dr. Strangelove 2. Yojimbo 3. Metropolis 4. Duck Soup (Marx Bros. version) 5. The Hidden Fortress