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    Quick question?

    OK so the new anime series that coming out "Dragon ball super" are you going to implement anything from there to this game, because dragon ball super is canon the manga is going to be coming out next month i believe. if not why is that?
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    Hello and good day! So its been awhile since the last POTW by any chance is there one or a couple POTW we could get for the lack of pictures? please and thank you.
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    What ever happen to this version of the game

    Quick question i have always wonder what happen to this version of the game. Could you please explain.
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    Project spark [Spare keys] first in best dressed

    Hello esf I got 4 spare project spark keys: T7PK2-TU574-5T332-MX465-683UX T7PK8-T47K7-RNMR7-T3JNU-U6MPX T7PKN-836MU-4P8R5-MXNRN-MMX7X T7PKR-2623X-XMR5M-7R7JT-RMJ6X How to play Project Spark Beta on Windows 8.1 1.Go to and click Redeem Beta Key...
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    How advanced is the bot system? for Esf final 1.3

    Hello just wondering how adv is your bot system?
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    My dream i had about ESF 1.3 FINAL xD

    So basically I had a dream about esf, So in the dream I jump on my PC to check for news when I see a tab say "ESF 1.3 Final semi open beta". So I go there I see a two links and some righting and the righting explain how to play, to play you had to get an invite by A. beta-tester, B. Dev. and...
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    How would you go about becoming Beta tester for 1.3 final?

    Hi ESF i am wondering on how you become a beta tester, And if your going to be picking new people anytime Soon :> Sorry if i upset anyone for asking.
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    wow i just Seen mods DB page some guy past a video of the Esf game

    WELL **** ME! i cant get over this, some guy post a video of the ESF game say the build of the game = November 1 i think he said it than played Goku Trunks and vegeta and using there moves why cant people just wait or even better don't worry about the game till its release umm yer go look on the...
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    Can someone explain to me how someone has photos i never seen before of ESF?

    Good day ESF! i was on Mods DB today and i go on the ESF page, and i see UNSEEN photos of the ESF game Why the **** are *******s trying to or have hacked esf for? why cant ******s wait sorry for raging >.<...?
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    please hear me out

    Hi ESF I am a long time follower and the new trailer is fantastic and im proud of the hard work. But after watching it, I took some points because in my eyes. I see two playable characters and a working map. I mean I can see the basic fighting working, grabbing is working ki attacks work...
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    I have an idea for making money :D

    Well good day Esf i have an idea because you all have worked Really hard and everone keeps saying for you to make us pay for the Mod and we all know you cant Well Why not have a donation page Sounds good and yous cant get in trouble that way :D cause i would donation to yous :[email protected]! For all your...