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    Do you have screenshots for beta 1.1?

    They did have some up on the main page of Vegeta's new attack. Before the site went down of course.
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    Sound Pack??

    What I would like to know is what went with the jap pack.
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    Why is it so hard for people to understand the words "alpha" and "beta?"
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    SSJ2 to SSJ3??

    Lets hope not...
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    please i need some help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok. When you pick your character, look at his stats. It will tell you what power level you need to transform. When you reach that power level, press Z. Or just hit Z when your CF bar fills which is just above your life bar. Same thing.
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    May I also remind you to look at the part of the bots that says: "alpha." The full version of the bots should be done by Beta 1.1
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    Screenshot PL 2,000,000,000 + !!!

    Heheheheh... This is starting to sound like a: My d--- is bigger then your d--- thing.
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    shadows ingame?

    Valve should cough up the Half-Life source code. It would be nice to be rid of that blasted weapon limit and such.
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    New bots

    I looked at one of the bots that were like that with the scouter. I found you get a little black box on the scouter display. And it says the class is none. Its like the bot has not picked character yet.
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    Ragnarock Online

    I downloaded the beta a while back. But when ever I tryed to play it a got a d3d error. Now that I think about it. It looks like an anime D&D.
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    New bots

    I have found some bots will just stand there and charge. The only thing that will fix it is a good melee hit. The upside to that is its the only thing I've seen that will work again when you hit it very hard. Of course there is some orther things that will work better if you hit them very...
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    And whats with all the free hours AOL gives you anyway? There is no way you could use 1250 hours in a month! Theres only 720 hours in a 30 day month! Hell. Even if they gave you two months you still could not use it all! And F.Y.I AOL has been having financial problems. I believe that plain...
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    Bots dont work ???

    Sounds like a spawn bug(I could be very wrong) . But you must remember the bots are still in the alpha stage.
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    2 ways to transform

    Hmmm... Maybe that could work. Maybe a x1.8 power boost for saya-jins and x1.6 for the rest.
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    New Commands

    Thanks for the commands satan! And nice work.