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    HOWTO: Fix Installer problems

    Hey is there some other method of installing besides the f---ing install shield or unzipping it from a zip?
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    InstallShield problem

    well i can add the fix does not help
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    Installer again...blah

    Well i got a new message when i tried to install esf... Error number: 0x80070725 Description: incomaptible version of the RPC stub. setup will now terminate You suX0r so go jump off a bridge i added that last line ;D
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    Character Suggestion (Please Read)

    sounds good but i could swear ive seen this option on some other mod :P
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    God (Like) Mode

    Heck i havent even played yet and i say thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard SSJ2GoGeTa, if you were smart you would go hide and transform then go blow the crap out of someone
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    i need bots bots bots bots

    that is of course if you can
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    i use the all seeing eye, and it filters out every type of server almost (every mod)
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    Official Esf Beta 1 Links

    how bout counter-strike half-life? haha
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    Blah blah cant play

    i am pretty sure youve heard this already but seeing as ive read everything to fix iinstallation,... i did however download the zip from oktagon and get it all extracted, i thought i fixed it...i thought says two different things.. 1) could not load library...