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    Religion in politics

    You know, your right. In fact, we should try and completely abolish religion, after all, it causes nothing but problems, right? In fact, the world would be such a better place if everyone was just forced to on accept scientific facts, correct? And the government should mandate what is truly...
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    New ESF bot and required .dll file

    go to yahoo, and search for "Download MSVBVM60.DLL" The first link should contain a download. Go download it and put it in you C:\Windows\System folder. Like I said this file is a Microsoft Visual basics library and is needed to run programs writen in VB6 (in this case the addbot program)
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    New ESF bot and required .dll file

    ROFLOL. No it has nothing to do with half-life, it almost doent deal with the bots, but it does. The is the Visual basics runtime library. Search for it on the web. Apperantly whoever made the bot launcher thought that everyone would have the VB Libraries by now.
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    Bug (may be a bot bug)

    I seriously doubt that it is my ping.... Im hosting the game and playing with bots, so everyone has a ping of zero. I have yet to play with a real person.
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    Bug (may be a bot bug)

    When I am PS with a bot, sometimes the bot will run out of KI. The bot (usually flying) will fall and the beam will stay in the same place (moving very slowly or completly stopped). Also, when I block a beam and it heads back to a bot, the beam will stop and never move again (though it...
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    Official Esf Beta 1 Links

    I need a copy of the ESF Zip, I have already tried the link to godsclan, but it is broken. The resion for this is because Im on linux and using Wine with HL (NOT the Linux vesion of HL but the Windows version) Unfortunently Wine does not like install shield very much.