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  1. real goku

    Do you belive in aliens?

    there is life like microorgansims and stuff.. everybody knows that. but i don't belive in aliens on earth who are seen by crazy people who drank too much... the earth is a complex planet.. a lot of coincidences happend for letting the earth become how it is (climate, air and stuff) which...
  2. real goku


    you should really read the manual.. there is told as good as everything about melee... if you want to start advanced melee with the direction thing, you have to press left mousekey again and then press the directions for making a combo....
  3. real goku

    esf without steam?

    no i don't trust him enough :laff: :laff: :laff: so there is no way, playing it without steam? what about older versions? can you play them without steam? (if it is so, which one?)
  4. real goku

    esf without steam?

    i post here for a relative who does have a valid half life cd-key etc... i told him about esf and that it is a asskicking game and he should play it cause it's just awesome.... allright.. the problem is.. he doesn't have internet at his pc..... so he doesn't have steam.. he just wants to...
  5. real goku

    manual in other languages

    if there will be a new manual on 1.3 it wouldn't be worth the work to translate the 1.2.3 manual.. so if there will be a new one, short time before releasing 1.3 somebody of the team could send me the new manual, i would translate it and send it back... so it would be in the esf 1.3 file and you...
  6. real goku

    manual in other languages

    this is not really a suggestion.. when 1.3 comes, will there be a new manual? and if it is so, wouldn't it be nice to have the manual in more languages, so the guys who don't understand english so well have the possibility to read it and understand everything?! but before somebody...
  7. real goku

    What annoys you the most in ESF?

    I voted for beam spammers.... that's why i don't like servers with more than 6players.. on such servers, they are just everywhere.....
  8. real goku

    new gamemod for esf

    people who don't read the manual wouldn't play the tutorial, too.... i know what you have meant... but i think it's not necessary... it would just be a loooot of work for something you even have in another form.... if you like it so much, you can make it.. in your freetime.. if you are...
  9. real goku

    new gamemod for esf

    i think you don't need something like that.. it would just be a lot of work for nothing... reading the manual and trying a week for getting the basics is enough.. and if you have the basics, it just needs time for getting better... and there is still the forum which helps a lot..... so i...
  10. real goku

    fighting against really good players

    hey! thanks guys.... some things i have done before i posted this (what means for me, i am not a total noob ;) :laff: ) and other things will really help me, i hope... i will test it in the next few days.. i don't know the exact number, but i know, that i have really low fps.... cause i...
  11. real goku

    I want to play this game on the internet

    there are just a few good servers.. watch your filter.. maybe your requirements are too high (sorry for bad english, i am not shure if the word requirement is right)
  12. real goku

    fighting against really good players

    i know it needs practise.. and better players will always beat me.. but against thes players, i tried to explain, i donÄt have any chance.. not even one kill, or even some hits.... i don't wanna be a "good player" in one day.. but i thought somebody could give me a some tips how they do it...
  13. real goku

    fighting against really good players

    hey! i'm playing for a couple of weeks now.. and i am not a total noob at all anymore... but if i play against a really good player i don't even have any chance.... i lose the overview when somebody is teleportating all the time.. it just confuses me, and i cant block him, cause i'm just...
  14. real goku


    but on some pictures you could also have seen skins of different models... you can replcae the look of every charakter with another skin/models... watch for more infos... (and downloads)
  15. real goku

    teamplay round clock

    i don't think, that it would take such a long time for killing noobs like that, who don't have the balls standing in front of their enemys alone and fight them... and if people/kidz/noobs don't wanna wait for the next round, and just wanna see biiiiiiiiiig beams and stuff and transform as...
  16. real goku

    teamplay round clock

    i think these 30 seconds would not be a good idea.. it would be just the same brainless deathmatch like at the moment.... also the round system would be better, because there would be less "camper" at the end of every round.. so you have a better gameplay and it would be more realistic (if...
  17. real goku

    teamplay round clock

    hey! mabye i has been suggested before (but i searched and diddn't find ;) ) i think in teamplaymode there should be real rounds.. so if you die you will respawn, when everybody of one team is dead or the roundclock has become 0:00 just like in counter strike but without bombdefusing or...
  18. real goku


    do you only have cs or half life, too? i think, you need half life for playing the mod... cs only is not enough (as far as I know....)
  19. real goku


    did i miss anything?! bardock is not in the esf game!!!!!
  20. real goku


    .. i like it, but the body could be a lil bit rounder for having a 3d effect....