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  1. Wizard's Curse

    New forum theme ?

    A bit ago I heard there was gonna be a new ESF forum theme after 1.2 is released ... was that canceled? This white is annoying IMO :S
  2. Wizard's Curse

    Guess whos back!

    Yea yea Im back people, hi to everyone and I hope you people still remember me :] I left ESF cuz I lost interest and I was constantly frustrated by noobs spamming me with sprite requests/questions From now on, no more requests, EVER! Too bad I missed the party Just gotta say WOW...
  3. Wizard's Curse

    Cable modem help O_o

    Yo guys Im back again ... I was gone for like 2 weeks because I was getting cable and I finally got it :D It owns and stuff but theres 1 wierd thing ... my ping in ESF and other HL mods is kinda big ... I mean bigger than the ping on my dail-up ffs I do not have a firewall or router and...
  4. Wizard's Curse

    One of the wierdest things I have ever seen!

    Its not FAKE or something ... lol I just loaded esf_cellarena_b3 a few times and that code appeared instead of the grass ... it only happend once This goes to in my rare collection of wierd ESF pics :D
  5. Wizard's Curse

    Better masenko charge (annimated) !

    D/L link: here! Comments please ! :S
  6. Wizard's Curse

    My Bardock Model (edit actually)

    I just saw the Bardock Movie 2 Days ago and thought "man Bardock pws!" and finished this yesterday :D Credits: -the ESF team for the Vegeta model and Gokus head I used :p -me for the edit and new skin :) D/L Link: HERE! Thx Goten for hosting it :laff: Critz, comments please! :)
  7. Wizard's Curse

    Which console background should I make ?

    I gonna make 3 Console backgrounds ... question is ... what character do you want on them .... the first 3 will get made :D Also I might make more versions of a background :p Get voting ppl !
  8. Wizard's Curse

    Wizard's Curse power-up sprite !

    Let the pics speak ! Ppl have requsted I make it annimated like Darksun's aura but the powerup thing is annimated by code ... soo It cant get better than this in 1.1 ;) D\L: HERE! Thx Goten-son for hosting all this stuff :D Comments ! cmon ppl get posting :)
  9. Wizard's Curse

    Better Beam Start Sprites Pack!

    Another masterpiece ! Its kinda hard to explain w/o pics soo ... in the next pics you'll see how the Ki flows on my new sprites :) soo just think how ^this^ pic whould look with this annimation ... This pack changes the beam start sprite for all beams except final flash :) Oh...
  10. Wizard's Curse

    New Console Background!

    :D and the D/L link: HERE! It looks preety good ingame ... tho its a bit plain :p Im working on better ones tho ... :D Comments plz!
  11. Wizard's Curse

    Better DragonBalls !

    K ppl ... to me (and maybe others) the original DBs look like cheap props for some movie ... they arent shiny like in DBZ I used a preety high poly geosphere for them ... 300 polys :shocked: but its worth it imo ... :D Credits: to the esf teams DB skins whitch I edited :p ... shiny...
  12. Wizard's Curse

    Wizard's Curse Explosion Pack !

    These new explosions glow ;) Heres how the animations look ... D\L: HERE! Also this pack replaces all the explosions ... not just the dball and blue one :laff: enjoy! Comments plz!
  13. Wizard's Curse

    Vegitto Vgui Pic !

    Some ppl were screaming for a Vgui for him ... soo there ya go :p D\L: HERE! enjoy !
  14. Wizard's Curse

    Wizard's Curse Final Shine project! ™

    I got this awsome idea a few days ago ... make a final shine ... w/o coding ... Im talking about changing the Final flash into a Final shine ! I think its posible to make a script soo when you fire a flash ... it blows up in your face. I chould make the beam invisible and some sparks(the...
  15. Wizard's Curse

    Wizard's Big Bang Kamehameha sprite!

    Im still working on it ... but heres a start ... :) Incase you dont see the right pic refresh or come back later :p comments !
  16. Wizard's Curse

    My Deathball Sprite!

    The name speaks for itself O_o D/L: Deathball! Thx Goten-son for hosting :D I know you like it .. ;) Comments plz !
  17. Wizard's Curse

    Brolly Sprite pack !

    hmmm lol I just finished this ... soo many ppl crying to me on msn to make a brolly sprite pack ... soo Gallit gun replacement .... ;) Green Kamehameha for him :p SBC turned into a ball attack .....................
  18. Wizard's Curse

    Namek saga Vegeta(reskin and edit) for esf movies!

    Heres my latest work ... Ive made BD, Normal and Revived versions (revived meaning with holes in armor but no blood) Im gonna .... maybe ... release it too but its main pourpose is to be used in ESF movies :D now Im working on a Namek saga Kriilin, gonna post him tomorrow :p...
  19. Wizard's Curse

    New Ki blast tail !

    To be honest the current ki blast looks kinda wierd ... the tail is kinda too long and dense when it should be semi transparent ... soo I made a new one O_o D\L HERE! BTW Goten-son, my host gave me the idea to change it ... cuz from the sides a ki blast looks like a pencil to him...
  20. Wizard's Curse

    My SBC sprite pack !

    I remade the SBC beam and imo made it look more like in the show ... the original had too many colors on it ... but maybe thats just me lol :p Also Ive made the charging sprite diferent ... made it smaller and gave it blue sparks soo it not the same as the masenko one anymore :laff...