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    Drivers for ATI 9600xt/HL2

    Ok i got it running pretty well, my system is an AMD athlon 2800+, ATI 9600XT, 512 ram ( i suppose those are the important ones lol) I heard about these Omega drivers that are better than catalyst (they are basically a tweaked version of the catalyst 4.10) and gave them a try. I get 60-80 fps...
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    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    :shocked: :shocked: omg omg pic from the in-development TES IV: oblivion :] (unfortunately i cant find more pics) here In case you wondered, the cover is in-game art :laff: :laff: :laff:
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    It can kill you. Enjoy.
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    European Champion 2004: Hellas!!

    Portugal-Greece 0-1 from a Charisteas's Header at the 57'. Incredible. Cant believe it yet!! It would make more sense if someone came out and said "This one was just a farce, the real euro was played somewhere else" Congrats to Portugal too, nice played game :yes:
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    Go Greece!!

    France-Greece 0-1 and all Greeks in the world are celebrating tonight! A 65' header from striker Aggelos Charisteas from Zagorakis's incredible cross awarded the Greek team a tremendous and historical win over the european and World champions France. Here in Greece EVERYONE is on the...
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    Insane PC modification :o

    Check it out: a HL 2 pc :shocked: The work from the begining: Finished: All i have to say is that crazy ppl exist on this planet :laff: EDIT: i just found...
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    I guess this goes in Help section... Do you need to reach a post milestone to have a custom avatar? Because i can't figure out how to add one. Thanks.
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    Where can i contact clans so i might be able to get in one? I haven't notices a clan forum... Thanks.
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    Hello people! I'm new to ESF and i think its a cool mod! I tried out BFP, but it didnt have any cool stuff (something ESF has tons of). Besides, their community got corrupted... Anyway, i hope ill have a great time! And a couple of questions: 1)I just bought Half-Life. What patch...