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  1. orez

    can any one fill me in on the name mr.satan ?

    why is the wite man called mr satan is that a joke of the japanese makeing fun of wite ppl or some thing ? or does satan mean some thing els in japanese
  2. orez

    is it true that a server play custom music ?

    i herd some where that this can be done does any one now how to ??
  3. orez

    my server crashes with adminmod

    i heard i need a metamod for haveing admin mod wen hosting a server but ther site seem's to be down can any one tell me where i can get the metamod for esf soo i can have admin wih my server
  4. orez

    my server crashes with adminmod why ?

    i tryed to get the new metamod for esf but ther site seem's to be dead does any one have the metamod i need or can help ?
  5. orez

    what do u think is the best dbz movie ?

    well my fav japanes one is not sure what # it is or name cuzz it's a japanese video. but the bad guy's name is im not sure if i spelled this right Janemba that my fav japanes dbz movie and my fav english dubbed movie of dbz is Dragonball Z Movie #05: Cooler's Revenge is just kick ass win...
  6. orez

    gohan's Power Beam why cant i use it in some sever's ?

    gohan's Power Beam why cant i use it in some sever's ?
  7. orez

    what is swoop ?

    swoop i here this most of the time but i dont get it what does it mean and how do u do it ??
  8. orez

    Music To Kick A$$ With In ESF

    i thout it wood be good to list some music u may or may not have herd here it go's. BoxCar Racer - I Feel So DEFTONES - CHANGE Jimmy Eat World - Sweetness N.E.R.D. - Rock Star (Jason Nevins Classic Club Blaster Mix) Tenacious D - Karate Two-Mix - Truth Generator Gawl - I Want Out...
  9. orez

    Devil crashed all the server's

    any server i whent ther was devil showin up and server wood overflow some thing must be done ;(
  10. orez

    ESF Music where cood i upload this ?

    i made a music folder with song's that are good to play with in ESF where cood i upload it to share with all of u ??
  11. orez

    will Garlic Junior ever be put in to your esf ?

    i just whant to know will Garlic Junior ever been in esf cuzz u say u whont put ppl from ane of the movie's but he did have his own saga i herd some one ask if pi kan is going to be in esf and some one said now cuzz he was only in 2 eps but Garlic Junior had is own saga soo i just whant to...