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  1. [MOD]Vegito

    I'm back!

    I'm back and i bet none of you remember me ive been gone for like 5 months or so. Lost internet and moved across the country and forgot about esf for awhile.
  2. [MOD]Vegito

    im back

    :laff: wow its been 4 months since ive posted well im back :laff:
  3. [MOD]Vegito


    Metal gear solid three is coming out next year! there is a trailer go here for it
  4. [MOD]Vegito


    have any of you played strifeshadowfantasy?
  5. [MOD]Vegito

    ps suggestion

    ok lets say your lose a ps dramaticly and nothing to do but lose but what is there was a button that would sacrifice some health to give a little advantage only if your losing and about to get blown up and if you have enough health
  6. [MOD]Vegito


    has anyone here played planetside i want to know what people think before i ever buy it.
  7. [MOD]Vegito

    An Hl Trigun Mod! see for yourself!:laff: :laff:
  8. [MOD]Vegito

    how have you been playing esf?

    how long have you been playing/forums?
  9. [MOD]Vegito


    :cry: :cry: :cry: i will not be playing anymore and will not be vistiting as much my computer went boom i am on a friends right now
  10. [MOD]Vegito


    i would like it if there were a stats page on the esf site that has stats for the esf severs
  11. [MOD]Vegito

    fun things to watch lol i found this and its a bunch of movies go to flash movies if you have flash kicka$$ 4 and xiao xiao 3 are great
  12. [MOD]Vegito


    LOL i found this its funny as heck! its a game try it lol[1].swf heres the controls use mouse click to shoot space bar to reload.
  13. [MOD]Vegito

    um its down

    my friend is trying to get 1.1 full but oktagone is under construction
  14. [MOD]Vegito


    Who do you think kicked most butt in X2
  15. [MOD]Vegito

    a n00b question

    I would like to know how to color the letters under the sig
  16. [MOD]Vegito

    ps/spirit bomb

    I think that goku should be able to ps with spirit bomb like when he is using spirit bomb on kid buu but he can only do it once a map Does this sound like a good idea?:devgrin:
  17. [MOD]Vegito


    I think there should be a Sqall replacement skin for trunks
  18. [MOD]Vegito

    forum rocks or not?

    is this forum good,awesome,or a kickass forum?
  19. [MOD]Vegito

    Whos better?

    who is better vegeta or goku?
  20. [MOD]Vegito

    little icon things

    How do i put the little icon things like the one where gohan is beating up vegita? C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\esf\SAVE\gohankillingvegeta[1].gif