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    My first model - gohan

    good model very good i cant wait till he goes out
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    Fast Fighting Models

    yea i got them too mayb i will upload if you want
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    Fast Fighting Models

    well i dont got the video i trying to dl it but it says expaired ... i dl your models and it's so awsome kipp up the good work
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    Fast Fighting Models

    dude i just put all of your models and i got something to say wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww man kipp up the good work it's so cool :) loved it .
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    making a server

    first you need to open the port 27015. if it's open so you can open a server easily go to esforces ( the game ) there you got that button create game. push that and then do start and then the server is up and you can play online with your friends i hope i help you.
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    Fast Fighting Models

    i cant dl it dont know why but i cant mayb host it on something else not on yoursendit
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    Teen Gohan WIP

    super veggeto i from israel too :)
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    Ki Level?

    well if you mean for ssj then it deapnts on the charter and makes you stronger it wont make you better..
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    Teen Gohan WIP

    yea and it's the best teen gohan skin i ever saw
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    Modeling program

    thx i wanted too.
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    Teen Gohan WIP

    can i ? i want to dl it wow you are good ... and it's so good i want to dl it if i can
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    k thx bro..
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    i trying to put this avater but it dont allow me...
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    Invisable Fighter

    lol i know this bug and someone teach me listen when buu shoot on you his candy beam when you almost die you change team.. i try and it worked .... but it's lame.
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    Ya, Im new here

    Welcome my friend i hope u will get fun........ dont forget to read the sticks and get into troubles..
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    Gohan Vs Trunks

    i like gohan cause gohan have batter beams, and trunks have batter melle but i steel like gohan and i like to ues he's beams not he's melle.
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    can someone help me @!?#

    why i have in the game very low fps? can someone give me the commands to fix it? 1ox for all the help guys...
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    [release] majin vegeta pack

    n1 dude :D nice work
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    need sofeware...

    i need a sofeware of esf models for noobs... :D can someone give me a link for a sofeware plz... 10x for all the helpers
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    Place custom models in esf

    i download this pack and iput evrything but i put super saiyan 1 (in gohan) super saiyan normal form and second form super saiyan 2 but whan i in normal form (super saiyn 1) my power up is white can i change it?