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  1. Ravenman02334

    HTC Vive Port?

    Too bad huh. I'm sure the future will have a VR DBZ game...
  2. Ravenman02334

    HTC Vive Port?

    Is this possible?! I mean...I think this needs to be discussed at least. Using the engine you guys built, I think this game would probably be the best VR game of all time... Do you think it's a possibility now that this new tech is out soon?
  3. Ravenman02334

    Bandock's Collection of Current Projects

    I used to play Zeta all the time! Big fan of Byond, good times :D Wish that game made a comeback...
  4. Ravenman02334

    Little Taste of some of my Effects :D

    I hope you guys make it so you can transform while charging an attack. That would be epic. Other than that, WOW! The graphics are crazy holy crap!! Huge improvement from the last time I saw anything you guys put up. Edit: Now you have to add kaioken levels 1-4 at least. Would add depth.
  5. Ravenman02334

    [Old PotW] Kamehamehaaaaaaaa dem graphics doe

    When you shoot a beam that big is the camera going to zoom out so you have a larger view?
  6. Ravenman02334

    The Aura

    Goku vs. Cooler Full Fight 2:08 into the movie - I feel like this would be a good way to utilize the aura. The way he bursts into a power up looks pretty cool. The best effects is the way the aura looks when he's powering up at 2:16. 5:44 into...
  7. Ravenman02334

    Quick beams

    Here's another idea, how about the option to just cast the beam without any charge time. It'll cast at a set level relative to your power level. Then you can power it up to use more KI by pushing a button. This would make use of using energy much more efficient rather than sitting there for 10...
  8. Ravenman02334

    DEATH(And Stuff)

    Will there be an option for no respawn mode?
  9. Ravenman02334

    I Guess We Should Vote for ESF?

    The game will be out eventually and it will be amazing so calm yourself. Vote for them show the support you've been giving them for years and continue to be patient while they go into extreme detail to make sure it is as DBZ as possible.
  10. Ravenman02334

    Charge Jump

    I just feel like there is little focus on land battling. The game is geared towards mid-air fights for sure and I think it would be pretty neat to create a few more mechanics to give more of an incentive to not fly 100% of the time.
  11. Ravenman02334

    Charge Jump

    Well if you have 5 second max hold it won't slow it down much. Tap does regular jump, if you hold it you can launch from wherever you landed. It would just make the game more dynamic. Say you want to launch up to someone who didn't see you. You can now at tremendous speed and just wreck them.
  12. Ravenman02334

    Charge Jump

    Simple concept, the longer the hold it the higher you will go. and you can go from jump to flying in a certain direction really quick. You'll be able to vary the height and once you get used to it i'm sure it'll become key to your fighting technique.
  13. Ravenman02334

    Kickstarter for ESF

    If anyone working at bandai is not familiar with ESF then they should be fired immediatly for being clueless. If I owned the rights to this I would definitely support this mod and just let you use the rights. Why does it matter you aren't charging for anything.
  14. Ravenman02334

    [Old PotW] Destructo Disk - Krillin

    Somebody should Photoshop the original to remove the white from his eyes and see how it compares.
  15. Ravenman02334

    [Old PotW] Destructo Disk - Krillin

    He's looking more like an alien to me.
  16. Ravenman02334

    Strength vs. Speed

    Alright I've had this idea brewing for a while now. It'll basically define the type of player you want to be in a fight by giving you greater control on how you want to distribute your power. First things first is how will this be implemented logically. It will be based off of a potentiometer...
  17. Ravenman02334


    So the more powerful you get the more reaction out of the environment? SSJ Goku must shake the ground when he powers up lol, a lot more rocks come up and the power extends further out and possibly causes a shockwave effect when you jult up power. I'm just saying if you're a super saiyan, i'm...
  18. Ravenman02334

    [Old PotW] Giving head so hard you'll bleed

    I am humbled.
  19. Ravenman02334

    [Old PotW] Giving head so hard you'll bleed

    All penis jokes are hilarious.
  20. Ravenman02334

    [Old PotW] Giving head so hard you'll bleed

    Dude, don't try to psychologically evaluate me. I have watched reactions from the community for a long time and have a pretty good idea about what people think when they see that. Sure i enjoy the comedy bit, made a funny penis innuendo about it, but it seems you lack the ability to sense...