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  1. Mister Satan

    If you we're a console, what would you be?

    Some would call this thread silly, some even would say poppy****, well I do not good sir, I only say onward with this thread. The question is thus, if you we're a console what would you be? answers on a postcard....or you could vote on my poll....up to you really. |: EDIT :|...
  2. Mister Satan

    Anyone know of any good TBSG (Turn Based Strategy Games)?

    Lo all, just wondering if anyone knew of any good/great TBSG that I haven't got, I have Disgaea, Vandel Hearts 1 + 2, Shining Force 1 + 2, Tactic's Orge:Let us Cling Together and Knights of Londis, Dragon Force, Front Mission 3 + 4 and the one on the Snes, FF:T,FF:TA. Just wondering what...
  3. Mister Satan

    Yarrrr!, I feel Pretty. ( Sid Meier's Pirates! Topic )

    Just wondering if anyone had the game. And if so what your Ships/Wife/Sexy first mate/Fleet/Dancing Skills/Score are like. __ __| |__ / \ Yar!, I be bob, thar badly done Pirate, Yar...
  4. Mister Satan

    Mister Satan's Big Book Of False Fairy Tales

    Once upon a time there was a normal boy, well I say normal which isnt quite true he was welsh so in essense he was "different" he lived in a big white castle full of goblins and what bored now.....NEW STORY...
  5. Mister Satan

    The Weird/Worst Thing You've Seen On

    Inspired by the another thread I am going to get everyone to recall the strangest..ect things they have seen on ebay, the top two in my list are Someones Pubic hair...(ekkkk....) A friend tryed(dont know if it worked) sell his Spelling a bit wrong there but hopefully you get...
  6. Mister Satan

    New years eve (for the brits)

    Yay...a new year....a fresh start....ahh whatever... im just gonna do my little UK New years eve count down...Woo-Hoo so gonna drink, eat and be merry its now 6:00 Pm.. Damn....still sober.....Grrr....stupid time why cant you speed up...
  7. Mister Satan

    What do you Do?

    Now doing my time on this board i've seen some very intresting people with some very cool jobs so i just wanted to know what everyone did....simple.....dont have to say if you dont want to....i mean its not liek im forcing you.....*glares*
  8. Mister Satan

    So as it draws to a close...

    well summer holidays are just about gone(saving 14 hours) in the uk at least so im just wondering what everyone got up to?...myself i had the pleasant task of waiting for my Test results and seeing what i'ld do with my life..turns out im off to collage..though not with this spelling..Grr..too...
  9. Mister Satan

    Oh dear what did i miss?

    hey guys sorry about this(this beening slight spam) but i've had the and i lost my fav's and such for about the past 2 weeks and to my horror i when i finally sort out my piece of junk of a pc the news page has been updated so much i've been left behind the...
  10. Mister Satan


    thanks to uselessresponce i now have a gonna soon make my own but till then this baby(which i think is kickass) will do what does every1 think of uselesses hard work?
  11. Mister Satan

    Question to u ppl

    who on this fourm likes weezer,i was just wondering.....oh no......*Braces self for SPAMING,FLAMING,LAMEING,and basicly people being jerks*
  12. Mister Satan

    Warcraft 3...u do or ya dont

    hi does anyone here own / play warcraft 3 if whats your rank(number) and which race do u go?
  13. Mister Satan

    Moddeling,Help me please

    Hi,Hello and welcome i'ld like to know what tools you great moddels use and where i can get them cause im thinking about giveing it a shot. Thanks
  14. Mister Satan

    Masenko,Why dear god

    This is my little question here......Masenko...What does it does it do other than suck,please i'll like mature responces to my question,and if you have anything you'll like to say about other beams say so,i'd really like some feedback about what beams you like and what ones you dont...