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  1. scout

    So am I the only one from alabama?

    I realize that there is a great diversity in the nationality of members....BUT CRAP AM I THE ONLY ONE FROM ALABAMA!!!!:cry: I mean...I like to meet people on forums who I can become buddies w/ and learn techniques and such form. maybe not from my state but it would be a way of knowing the...
  2. scout

    DBZ Budakai

    I rented this game DBZ Budakai and i was wondering if anyone knew how to power up? i see the comps doing it but i dont have a manual to tell me how
  3. scout

    Console Help

    could nice person give me a list of commands for the console i host alot of games and i just know how to change map and thats about it
  4. scout

    Hey can anyone make me a sig

    I'm pretty new to this forum thing:( if someone could teach me about how to get a new picture(the one to the left) and make me a sig or tell me how and what not i would be eternally grateful;D
  5. scout

    Hey just looking for friends

    I've been playing for a while but i just joined esf and looking to make some friends on here