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    been a long time

    I've been away for a month or 5.. And wow, the site has changed a creepy bit :D. Have any more updates/things happend? (like a new release which i with my stupid head have missed? :) )
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    lol, i got a email asking me to donate something to the esf team. i'd really like to, but i(want i think most of the peeps here who are 16 or younger) don't have a credit card. that's too bad, cuz i'd like to pay to help you guys and get the release earlier:). isn't there another way?
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    melee's sec. fire

    i think they've already used the 2nd attack for melee.. like with the 1st you use your arms and the 2nd your legs etc, or i could be totally wrong.. :D (i think i am :) )
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    Powering up

    i thought they had already included that(for the beta), if you fly low over the ground, you'll get little rubble fly into the air. i thought they would also make it when powerin up.
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    Easter Egg suggestion

    y not :D
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    ooh, this will give some kewl powerstruggles i think.. :). charging your gg while flying around.. :)
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    dark galaxy

    any peeps playing this game? and thank god esf is back online, even though it's only the forum. :D
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    quite a dull topic, but it is the off-topic section after all:), i've been wondering, most peepz watching dbz are around 10-15 maybe 20. years of age. Now it's almost 9,10years ago since the beginning of dbz. so the first peeps watching should be around 30 years of age. How old are...
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    everywhere around i hear people talk about that '****in big bang'. almost all people think it's a damned attack, and just as ****ed up as a disc. and so most of you want it to be banned from the game. that surely would be a bad idea, cuz if you try to make a game as close to the...
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    tri form

    i think it would be unfair and cause a giant lag.. but hell, it just got in my mind, so why not post it? :p can't a tri-form technique(like krillin and picollo vs nappa) be implented(sorry for my bad english) in the game? that if you use that attack, that there just apear 2 bots aside you...
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    hmm, the pic looks good.. but i think there have 2 be some open spots in the city.. where else would you be able 2 fire your kamehameha/finalflash attacks.. you can't shoot such an attack in a small road between 2 skyscrapers... you will never hit someone.. :S
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    body's hurt by attacks

    i don't know if the HL engine is capable of doing so, which i highly doubt, cuz i've never seen it in hl games.. but if you are very closely hit by a beam, i mean, it flies just sideway away from you.. can't it be able that your arm, or another limb falls off or so? and it makes you move...