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    Saga Idea

    Most things are possible ... Its the time-consuming agony of typing out the code which makes your idea a reality . Im in my house sitting at my computer desk and I can see my breath , it must be alot colder than I expected . But I don't feel cold in the slightest . Maybe I need to go to the...
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    Signature Test

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    Dragonball Z - Roleplay used to host a roleplay forum in which people could take the role of an imaginary DBZ character and make stories . Unfortunatly , something happened (I believe they had sold the domain name to the people who own it now) and it was turned into a search engine . Woe is me . I was...
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    ESF Totally messes up computer. Help immediately please!!!

    The standard amount of RAM people have in computers today : 128 RAM+ They must have had a really old RAM chip in whereever your father got the computer , It the first time I heard that someone has 56 RAM . That's less than my grand dad's !
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    Thanks for helping me out I hope everyone is like you :yes: :) :yes:
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    1. My skybox becomes distorted and the ground below vanishes if I fly to high into the air but the characters below are visible , why is this occuring ? I have a Geforce 2 card if that will help you access this . I haven't recently updated it however . 2. How do I struggle energy attacks...
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    how ascend twice?.

    No-one here as actually said that ESF is currently in it's first beta , anything can change to the system , characters and character attacks during the beta stages .