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    ok i finally downloaded esf but now im having trouble installing it plz help!!!

    ok after like 3 days of trouble i finally downloaded esf! i was happy but now there is a problem. when i try to install it it says error there isnt a source to do something i cant remember what it said but it also gave me a website. msi.chm i guess thats a website i dunno i havent tried it yet...
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    i was wondering how do you fight in this game?

    does the fighting revolve around shooting beams or are there good hand to hand fighting becuse what i have seen so far is nothing but beams in pictures and beams seem to be what everyone talks about on here.
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    waiting in line sucksss!!!!!

    so i decided no to use fileplanet cause im having promlems with it. so i decide to use a diff website which is even worser than fileplanet!!!! i can barely type because the page keeps freakin refreshing!!! argggghhh!!! why dp we have to wait in line. this makes no damn since!!;( ;( ;(
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    Im having trouble downloadinf esf someone heeeeelllppp!!!

    ok im new to this forum and i already got my gamespy id and everything but when i try to download esf not only does it take 9 freakin hours but when it gets around 2 hrs. some kind of message appears on the screen it says ummm crap!! i cant remember what it says!!! but it says i cant download it...