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    Beta Idea

    you guys should(when your done) post beta on forums so people that are more deicated get the beta first :yes:
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    if your real bored

    if you get to bored waiting for beta you should try DMZ 1.7 its kool(i personally like it a lil more then alpha ESF) but get it at
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    The Sayjin Princes TSP

    I'm hosting a new clan called The Sayjins Princes, of course a sayjin based clan we will play Counter-Strike, ESForces:alpha:Beta:, and Dragon Mod Z I will be starting the site as soon as I get the first member recurited. Aim is a MUST get aol instant messanger at or if you have aol...
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    Vassago's Position

    Hey ESF team I was wondering since Vassago's leaving maybe you will be lookin for a new skinner if you need one please consider me..
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    lil suggestion

    I personally think it would be awesome(after seeing vegetas ssj clip) to have like lightning come down(like how wut u did on dieing namek) when your going ssj(or levleing up wit anyone)that might be an idea for beta 2.0(if u decide to make one) well thanks for letting me bother u
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    {APE} Clan

    your a great clan I would really like to try out to join your clan and I heard you have a website but maybe I cant help the webMaster ive made alot of sites before im quite expierinced
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    New Models?

    are you guys makeing any new models like goten or anything? it would be awesome to have new models .. YOU GUYS SHOULD MAKE SUM KINDA FUSION FOR TRUNKS AND GOTEN INTO GOTENKS THAD BE SOOO SWEET
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    Help Me!!!!

    Hey i named the esf folder mods and yeah so i put filter on mods will it work or do i have to do somehting else, please help
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    DBZ Budokai

    dude i got it cuz it looked sweet.. personally i think it SUCKS
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    No ones on

    Im sure i have the right version and i can play the mod but i can never find anyone else ever on a mod can someone give me an ip or help me please!